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Baby Universe

Women create life. Universes develop in our bodies. I feel the patriarchy that took over this world does not recognize how powerful it is to birth. Carrying life inside of your body changes you, as well as that of the baby universe. No longer are you just one person. There is a bond between us and our baby universe that tells us we must do everything to protect them. To care for them. And to love them.

However, it is our decision to create life. I should have the right to decide if I want my life changed- disrupted. I need time to make sure my path can be wide enough for four feet, four hands, two stomachs, two hearts. If it is, and I am willing and eager to share my space - onward. If my path is no t- if my path is still not ready for me to place my own two feet without slipping or stepping in mud, how can I be expected to bring another?

I feel our world has shrunk the impact of pregnancy and motherhood. Maybe this is because no president in our nation’s history has ever been pregnant. Or had a uterus for that matter. Although it takes two people, one sperm and one egg, to create a baby universe, only one of the halves is stoned for wanting to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Sex. We have it. I said it. The big secret. Women like sex too, but for us it comes with a price.

Sex comes with the underlying fear that no matter how safe we are, we will get pregnant. Although this is sometimes an irrational fear, it is still a fear. If I were to get pregnant today, my first question would be, “Is it legal for me to have an abortion right now?” Women have the burden of fear for our lives being taken on a different track with a baby universe, and then having to raise the world by ourselves. But yet, we still have to fight for the right to be able to decide what is best for our universe and the baby universe.

It is normal to want to create a solid path before you bring in a baby universe with you. It is normal to want to have sex without getting pregnant. It is normal to love someone who was once pregnant but is no longer. And it is normal to love again and be loved after having an abortion.

We deserve the right to be able to make decisions. I use the word “deserve” cautiously. What does it mean to deserve? To deserve the right to live, the right to be happy, the right to make decisions. We can be alive, but first you must jump through hoops. Make sure you really earn that happiness. It is not enough to have been born, nor is it enough to be a good person.

It is a wretched world we live in. Or at least it feels like it. I dream about a world where

colonizers, racists, rapists, and vile people did not take over the entire planet. I imagine a world where women have rights, where Black lives matter, and people could love who they love. People say these past weeks have been intense and that police brutality is on a rise, but I argue that times have always been intense, and the police force is rooted in racism and the murdering of Black lives; we just now have cameras to record some of the injustices. I can’t imagine the lives that were stolen off camera. In every aspect of the world, white colonizers and their descendants have hurt Black lives. It is disgusting to see the statistics of Black women who die in labor versus white women. Or the amount of Black people killed in their sleep by the police versus everyone else.

But I feel that chapter of our world is coming to an end. That world is dying and a new one will be born. You cannot create something you cannot imagine. Everyday I feel a little more hopeful. I see more people experiencing their political awakening. And I feel we have the power. We are the future. We will create a new universe. And we must keep pushing. You and I, and our allies are going to ensure that one day the world we imagine will be the world we live in. I am optimistic. I have hope. We will be the storm. Together. We will dismantle this world and build a new baby universe.

I grew up in La Joys Texas; the wall that separates my family in Mexico and I is right outside my high school. This year, I am graduating from UT Austin. There is a world I have yet to discover and a life for future women that needs to be built. I am proud of what I do. I want to help build a world where no one ever has to ask the question “is my healthcare legal?” Reproductive healthcare is a human rights issue and together, we can build a reality of equality and love.

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