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Our Mission

There is no shortage of powerful, feminist voices.

Feminists are mobilizing across the country and around the world in order to create change. We focus on national concerns ranging from issues surrounding gender inequality to topics like gun control and climate change – matters not necessarily seeming to align with the dictionary definition of feminism.


With that, feminism demands to be considered in every issue – how, after all, can we consider immigration without asking about healthcare for migrant mothers or the availability of menstruation products for those who have periods? How can we overlook alarming rates of domestic abuse against indigenous women when talking about gun violence?


Yet, with all the powerful voices today, there are few places where these questions can be shared and considered. Not to mention, there are countless powerful voices that deserve to be heard that don’t have the opportunity to speak out in elite publications or on world stages. Not everyone has the privilege of a platform that can provide them with space to speak. That’s what the FEP wants to provide.


The Feminist Essay Project recognizes storytelling as a grassroots form of activism that can catalyze change. Stories are meant to be shared – in doing so, we can never know who will be touched by certain narratives and what they will do with that inspiration. By taking personal experiences and contextualizing them within the scope of the nation we live in, FEP looks to share diverse stories about current issues and ideas.


With the personal essay format that we utilize, we hope to redefine feminism. This is a teaching / learning space, focused on challenging feminists to grow their understanding of their values, empathy, and advocacy by engaging with other feminists around the country. Through this effort, we encourage submissions from anyone and everyone about topics they are passionate about concerning current events.


Welcome to FEP. We can’t wait to hear your story.

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